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Ambassador's Remarks at the 10th Annivessary Celebrations of Amma Center in Switzerland_September 7, 2019

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Ambassador’s Remarks at the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Amma Center in Switzerland, Flaach, Sept 7, 2019

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Congratulations on this glorious occasion of the tenth anniversary of Amma Center in Switzerland. 

Thank you for the invitation. 

I congratulate and thank the Amma Center in Switzerland for the excellent work they do in promoting Indian spirituality and love for humanity in Switzerland and beyond. 

As a child and student in Kerala, I grew up seeing for myself, how Amma opened the hearts of millions around the world for India and its spirituality. I was witness to how Amma taught the world on how love can bring people together, regardless of their race, religion or nationality. 

When I think about Amma and services of Amma Center, I think I should share with you a story that I heard and said many times. The story of Alexander the Macedonian, also called Alexander the Great. After having crossed Persia, he came to India, met a sage on the banks of the river Indus, who he referred to as a ‘wise man’. This sage sat on a rock and spent all day and night staring at the sky. Alexander asked him what he was doing. The sage replied, "Experiencing nothingness.” The sage asked Alexander what he was doing. Alexander replied, "I am conquering the world.” Both laughed. For Alexander, the sage was wasting his one and only life experiencing nothingness! For the sage, Alexander was wasting his time trying to conquer a world that has no limits, with a sense of urgency that made no sense when one lives infinite lives. It was a moment in ancient history when West and East met. The fact is that, the empire that Alexander built collapsed within a few years of his death. But Indian spirituality continues to attract the world towards her. India and its spirituality continue to be a meeting point of the East and the West.

As a diplomat of India, for the last twenty five years, I have seen how Amma connected the East and the West through her message of love and peace. Through her life and Mission Amma teaches the world that Manava Sewa is Madhava Sewa. 

I recall the visit of Amma to Zurich last year, when people cutting across their nationality came from all across Europe to get a glance of Amma and seek her blessings. 

Today, as the Ambassador of India to Switzerland I bring to you greetings on this anniversary from the Government of India and the 1.3 billion people of India. In India, this 1.3 billion of us speak several hundred languages, we worship different Gods, we eat different foods, we wear different clothes, but there is a feeling of oneness and common consciousness, a civilizational bond, that keeps us together, make us proud as India. Every diverse culture in India flourishes, every region in India flourishes. We have a constitution which guarantees liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; equality of status and of opportunity. I am happy to be here today a place associated with Amma, who is an embodiment all that India represents, its tradition, its spirituality, its mantra of Vasudev Kudumbakam.

I quote Prime Minister Modi who said, “She is the guiding light for millions of devotees. Not only that, she has become the synonym of life for many devotees. Like a real Maa, she nurtures her devotees through direct and indirect acts; visible and invisible hands.” Unquote.

Switzerland, the land of Alps, have always welcomed India and its values and traditions and its heroes. To this land of Alps, Swami Vivekananda brought message of India’s spirituality in 1896. It is to this land that Mahatma Gandhi came in 1931. We are now getting ready to welcome the President of India for a State visit to Switzerland later this week, another step in connecting Himalayas with Alps. 

When India and Switzerland comes closer, our partnership become stronger, an important aspect of that partnership is our growing connection of spirituality. And Amma Center has an important role to play in that partnership.

Thank you all.