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PIO Card Alert

PIO Scheme has been withdrawn and merged with the OCI scheme. The last date for replacing PIO cards with OCI cards on gratis basis was 31.12.2017. Replacement of PIO cards with OCI cards will attract a fee of CHF 93.- with immediate effect.

The process of conversion of PIO cards to OCI cards takes about 3-4 weeks. It may be noted that from October, 2018 International Civil Aviation Organization will accept only machine readable travel documents. The existing PIO cards, which are hand written, will, therefore, become invalid travel documents. Hence, it will be necessary for PIO cardholders to obtain machine readable OCI cards in lieu of existing hand written PIO cards before October, 2018 to avoid any inconvenience.

Please visit Embassy's website www.indembassybern.gov, in(Consular Services) for further details. 

Embassy of India, Berne. 

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