About Us Import of Domestic Pets in India

Domestic pets like dog, cat, birds, etc. can be brought in by tourists of whether foreign or Indian origin but import of animals or birds is governed by strict health certificate regulations, which should be fulfilled.

Clearance of one dog and other domestic pets, like cats and birds in a limited number may be allowed without Import Trade Control restrictions on furnishing the following health certificate to the customs authorities:

A health certificate from a veterinary officer authorised to issue a valid certificate by the Government in the country of export to the effect that the dog imported is free from Aujossky’s disease, Distemper, Rabies, Leishmaoiasis and Leptospirosis and in the case of cats from Rabies and Distemper.

In the case of import of dogs and cats originating from countries where Rabies infection is known to exist, health certificate containing a record of vaccination, vaccine used, brew of the vaccine and the name of the production laboratory and to the effect that the dog/cat was vaccinated against Rabies more than one month, but within 12 months prior to actual embarkation with nervous tissue vaccine or within 36 months with chicken embryo both the vaccines having previously passed satisfactory potency tests.

In the case of parrots, a certificate to the effect that the parrots were subjected to a compliment fixation test of psittacosis with negative results within 30 days prior to actual embarkation.