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India House, Berne, Switzerland

The residence of the Ambassador of India to Switzerland, known as India House, is located at the address, Brunnadernrain 7, Bern 3006, Switzerland. The building is a heritage property owned by Government of India since 1949. The property consists of a residential building with representational and living areas, a guesthouse with garages and office space, a front lawn and other open spaces. The total area of the property is 2522 square metres.

The property was acquired by the Legation of India on Dec 5, 1949, when Shri. Dhirajlal B. Desai was the Minister, Legation of India to Switzerland. The property was purchased from a firm by the name Rieser A.G. As per the original purchase agreement, the property was acquired in the name of the Minister, Legation of India, for the Republic of India. The Land Register number of the property is No.1137, Area IV in the city of Bern.

Building drawings of the property suggest that construction of the main building began in 1929-30. Mortgages drawn for the construction of the property by the builder also point towards a similar date of 1929-30. The building drawings suggest the name of the Werkzeumaschinenfabrik, Oerlikon Bührle & Co., Baubüro, Birchstrasse 155, as the Architectural firm, which created the architectural drawings for the building.

India House at present functions as the residence of the Ambassador of India to Switzerland, who is concurrently accredited to The Principality of Liechtenstein. It is located in the diplomatic quarters in Berne, the capital of Switzerland. The architectural style of the building has influences of the Swiss chalet style prevalent in Central Europe at the time, with wide overhanging eaves and exposed beams, as well as influences of German Baroque style in the shape of the roof etc.

India House presently hosts a wide variety of Indian art pieces such as paintings, sculptures etc. The paintings and sculptures in India House represent between them the rich artistic heritage of India. e.g. The main entrance hall of India House showcases a large mural painted by the celebrated Indian artist K. K. Hebbar. It shows a colorful scene of women plucking papayas off a tree.

Famous visitors to India House include Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi, Foreign Minister of India Dinesh Singh, Foreign Minister of India Sardar Swaran Singh, MoS for External Affairs Natwar Singh, MoS for External Affairs V.K. Singh, Speaker of Lok Sabha Balram Jakhar, Speaker of Lok Sabha Meira Kumar, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, Chief Minister of Punjab Darbara Singh, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mayawati, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath, Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis etc.


India House, Berne, Switzerland