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Invitation for Internship with Embassy of India, Berne

Embassy of India, Berne invites Interns to work with the Embassy of India, Berne.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

i) Interested Indian citizens, OCI card holders or foreign nationals may apply for internship in Embassy of India, Berne.

ii) The candidate should possess a valid work permit (where applicable) in Switzerland for the entire duration of Internship. Embassy of India, Berne will not be responsible for providing of visa/work permit/resident permit to the applicant, if selected for Internship.

iii) The candidate must be in the final year of an undergraduate course or possess a graduate degree before the commencement of internship (Preference will be given to applicants with excellent academic track record from institutions of repute with credible recommendations from faculty who have taught/guided them in the past, and also to research scholars).

iv) The candidate must not have attained the age of 30 years on the date of application.

v) The Candidate must have good language skills in English (Knowledge of one or more national languages of Switzerland is preferable).

3. Duration of Internship:

Internship will be for a maximum of three months during the time period from November 2020 to January 2022.

4. Support to be provided:

i) Interns will be provided logistical support and close guidance by the Embassy of India, Berne taking into account the functional requirements.

ii) No financial remuneration will be paid to the interns. Internship programme is neither an an employment nor the assurance of any employment with the Embassy of India, Berne.

5. Nature of Internship:

i) Intern shall report to and work under close supervision of the Embassy of India, Berne. Intern will be required to conduct research, write reports, analyze evolving developments, or carry out any other task entrusted to them by the Embassy of India, Berne.

ii) Upon completion of the Internship, the Intern is required to submit a report to the Embassy of India, Berne in English Language.

iii) Embassy of India, Berne will issue a certificate upon successful completion of the Internship.

6. Mode of Application:

i) Applicant may send completed application form (enclosed) with full details, by post to
Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Berne, Kirchenfeldstrasse 28, 3005 Bern, or by email to hoc.berne@mea.gov.in

7. Checklist:

The application for internship at Indian Missions/Posts must include the following:

i) Duly filled in Application Form (Click here to Download).

ii) Copy of at least three documentary proofs of identity which must include copy of Passport & Work Permit in Switzerland.

iii) Curriculum Vitae.

iv) Introduction letter from the Head of Institution where the applicant is studying, in case he/she is a student.

v) No objection certificate from University/Institution in case the internship is to be pursued in parallel with an ongoing course.

vi) Self-attested certificates and transcripts for all the accomplishments mentioned in Paras 8, 9 and 13 of Application Form (educational qualifications, current courses being pursued and projects undertaken).

vii) Exact duration of 3 months during the time period between November 2020 to January 2022, when the applicant wants to work as Intern at the Embassy.

8. Selection Procedure:

All applications will be scrutinized and intimation will be sent to the selected candidates. The decision of the Embassy shall be final and binding and no queries shall be entertained after the completion of the selection process.

9. Number of positions:

At any given point of time, for the duration from Nov 2020 to January 2022, a maximum of two interns will work with the Embassy simultaneously.

10. Termination of Internship:

The Embassy of India, Berne may terminate engagement of intern at any point without giving any reason, as the Embassy deems fit. The decision of the Embassy of India, Berne shall be final in this regard. Intern can choose to leave the programme, if she/he so desires, giving prior notice of one week to the Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, Berne.