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Exchanging Views on Swiss VET System & NEP 2020 of India on 27 February 2023

Posted on: February 27, 2023 | Back | Print

As part of deepening India-Switzerland relations and learning the best practices from Switzerland, which may be optimized in Indian scenario, the Embassy of India, Bern organised an Event ‘Exchanging Views on Swiss VET System & NEP 2020 of India, at India House on 27 Feb 2023. The event aimed and focused  at understanding the Swiss VET system and building partnerships to adapt this system in India, Mission invited students, school teachers, VET trainers and Professors from University of Bern, SFUVET and other institutions to exchange ideas and views on the system’s adaptability in India. The main agenda of the event was:

  1. Understanding the System- Why it is so Successful?

  2. How industry and VET schools work together. What is concept of dual track?

  3. What is the accreditation method used and what diploma is awarded after completion of VET

  4. What are the opportunities for higher education.

  5. Discussions on how the Swiss VET may be adapted into Indian vocational training system

The Swiss experts and academia during the event, engaged with Mission officials and addressed questions on adapting the Swiss VET, which may be optimized into Indian scenario. Swiss VET experts also highlighted that the partnership and coordination between the Federal Government, Cantonal Authorities, Industries and Industry associations to run and timely upgrade the VET system is unique and impressive. Also, the permeability, adaptability and the societal acceptance of the VET system gives it a prestigious place in the Swiss culture. Further, students shared their personal experiences on how VET system in Switzerland is being so decisive in choosing career path at an early stage in student’s life? What are the factors before entering the VET that the Swiss pupils face, which makes this system so attractive to them?

The session on Exchanging Views on Swiss VET System & NEP 2020 of India’, concluded with an open interaction with Swiss VET experts and Mission Officials. On the sidelines of the event ‘Exchanging Views on Swiss VET System & NEP 2020 of India’ Mission also put up an Incredible India Photo Gallery and exhibition on ODOP.

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