About Us Events & Meetings

  4. Celebrating birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Berne on July 11th 2019 
  5. Ambassador at the “Mirror Exhibition” at Rietberg Museum at Zurich on June 20th 2019  
  6. India Stall set up at the International School of Berne, in Berne on June 23 rd 2019 
  7. Indian cultural evening in Zurich on June 9th 2019  
  8. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Joined the tree plantation drive in Berne on June 6th 2019  
  9. Joint painting of tree at Berne on June 5th 2019
  10. Homage to Swami Vivekananda in Saas – Fee on June 5th 2019
  11. Celebrating World Environment Day in Berne on June 5th, 2019  
  12. Celebration of Gurudev Tagore's Jayanti in Zurich on 19th May 2019
  13. Celebrating birth anniversary of Gurudev Tagore in Lausanne on May 7th , 2019
  14. Felicitating Indian origin Member of Swiss Parliament Dr. Nik Grugger in Berne on May 4th 2019
  15. “Saree-Traditional Costume of India’ show held in Bern on March 19th 2019
  16. Felicitated the saree event participants in Bern on April 9th 2019
  17. Celebrating ICCR foundation day in Switzerland in Bern on April 9th 2019
  18. Indian Dance performances, Yoga sessions and Quiz on ICCR & Indian culturein in Bern on April 9th 2019.
  19. Awarding the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award to Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshiin Zurich on March 27th, 2019 
  20. Holi Celebration in Bern on March 23rd 2019
  21. Holi Celebration in Laussane on March 21st 2019
  22. ‘How to become an Indian Diplomat: Introduction to Indian Civil ServiceExamination” in Laussane on March 16th 2019
  23. Celebrating International Womens day in Bern on March 8th 2019
  24. Exploring Indian tea in Switzerland in Berne on February 27th, 2019
  25. Kerala-god’s own country presentation in Berne on February 7th 2019
  26. Kerala tourism roadshow in Zurich on February 7th 2019
  27. State presentation series - exploring Northeast in Berne on January 31st, 2019
  28. Remembering Mahatma Gandhi in Berne on January 30th, 2019
  29. Republic day celebrations in Berne on January 26th, 2019
  30. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrations in Berne on January 9th, 2019
  31. Indian cultural evening in Zurich on January 5th, 2019
  32. Khadi exhibition in Berne on December 28th 2018
  33. Children at ‘Namaste Switzerland’ in Berne from December 17 to December22nd 2018
  34. Grand finale of ‘Namaste Switzerland' in Berne on December 22nd 2018
  35. Presentation on ‘Kumbh mela’b in Berne on December 19th 2018
  36. Inauguration of ‘Rumals of Chamba’ exhibition in Berne on December 17th2018
  37. Inauguration of Namaste Switzerland on December 17th 2018
  38. Presentation on Indian miniature paintings in Berne on December 14th 2018
  39. Festival of India in St. Gallen on December 6th 2018
  40. Festival of India in in Basel on December 5th 2018
  41. Celebrating India in Lichtenstein on November 24th 2018
  42. Book reading - panorama of Indian festivals in Berne on November 20th 2018
  43. Deepavali celebrations in Bern on November 10th 2018
  44. Festival of India in on November 9th , 2018
  45. Festival of India in Liechtenstein on November 8th , 2018.
  46. Indian language classes in Berne
  47. Festival of India in Zurich on October 19th , 2018.
  48. Festival of India in Lugano on October 18th , 2018
  49. Festival of India in Brugg Windisch on October 17th , 2018
  50. Summer camp for children in Berne from August 6th to August 10th 2018
  51. Namaste Switzerland in Berne from December 17-22, 2018
  52. Indian language classes at the Embassy of India in Berne
  53. Ayurveda festival at International school of Berne on June 23rd , 2018
  54. Ambassador at the Kalamela by keli at Zurich on May 20th , 2018
  55. Ambassador addressed 'Maharajas Gala' of La Landwehr' music band inFribourg , on April 29th , 2018
  56. Chintz exhibition at Swiss national museum at Prangins on April 21st , 2018
  57. Meeting with University of Lausanne on April 16th , 2018
  58. Meeting with EMPA, in Dübendorf on April 9th , 2018
  59. Co-ordination meeting for the celebration of international day of yoga 2018,in Berne on April 7, 2018
  60. Meeting with ProHelvetia in Zurich on April 4th ,2018
  61. Meeting with Cardinal Ravasi in Vatican on March 28th , 2018
  62. Med Nat event at Lausanne on March 22-25, 2018
  63. Visit to the University of St. Gallen on March 22nd , 2018
  64. Interaction with the students of the Berne university of applied science inBerne on March 21st , 2018
  65. Embassy of India, participates in Freisein 2018 in Zurich from March 15-17,2018
  66. International women's day in Basel on march 8th , 2018
  67. Visit to IMD in Lausanne on March 6th , 2018
  68. Holi celebration with Indian associations in Berne on March 3rd , 2018
  69. Republic day reception in Berne on February 2nd , 2018
  70. Republic day celebration at India House in Berne on January 26th , 2018
  71. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrations,Embassy of India Berne on January 9th2018