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Indywood Film Carnival/Exhibition 1-4 December 2017

1. All Lights Film Society (ALFS) of the State Government of Telangana, will be organising 2nd edition of “INDYWOOD Film Carnival” at Ramoji Rao Film City Hyderabad from 1-4 December 2017. The Carnival is expected to be attended by more than 100,000 visitors and foreign delegates from more than 100 countries.

2.As part of the Carnival, a trade market, Indywood Film Market (IFM) will also be organised featuring participation of over 200 exhibitors, 2000 marketing delegates from around the world. The market will feature Buyer Seller meets, panel discussions, networking sessions, product launches, film business awards etc. IFM will provide an excellent opportunity for foreign film industry professionals, marketing companies to explore huge potential of Indian film market, meet film equipment manufacturers, film distributors, producers, professionals, traders from Indian film industry and explore joint production of films. The foreign tourism board can participate to pitch for Indian films to be shot at foreign tourist locations in their respective countries. The carnival’s talent hunt will help identify young talents from various countries.

3. More information can be accessed from the carnival website http://www.indywood.co.in/. Relevant links for participants’ registration are given below:

Film Market exhibitor registration link-http://ifm.co.in/booth-registration

Film Market delegate link-http://ifm.co.in/delegateregistration

Film Festival delegate link- http://aliiff.com/registration

Film submission link- https://filmfreeway.com/festival/aliiff

Film & Business award nomination link- http://ifm.co.in/award-category

4. For any other query the following people may be contacted:

Mr. Shyam Kurup, Director
Email: shyam.kurup@marinebiztv.com
Mobile: 00919544469044

Ms.Lakshmi Atul, Chief Operating Officer
Email: lakshmi.atul@indywood.co.in
Mobile: 00919539000518

Mr Hari Kumar, Event Coordinator
Email: hari.kumar@indywood.co.in
Mobile: 00919539000826

The Embassy requests the participation of film boards, film professionals, leading film production houses, film marketing companies, film societies, tourist boards and other interested groups.