About Us General Instructions for re-issue of OCI card

General Instructions for re-issue of OCI card
Please read Instruction carefully before filling up the form. All applicants are requested to strictly follow the procedure mentioned below for processing of applications for OCI Miscellaneous services:-

i.OCI card needs to be re-issued each time a new passport is acquired by the cardholder up to the age of 20 years.
ii. OCI card is required to be re-issued once on acquiring a new passport after completing 50 years of age. 

iii.Re-issuance of OCI card is not required each time a passport is issued to a cardholder between 21 and 50 years of age.

The application form for re-issue of  OCI card needs to be filled online on website https://ociservices.gov.in/welcome  -  (OCI Miscellaneous Services)
(OCI Misc. Fee : CHF 35.- & Consular surcharge CHF 3.-)

1.  The applicants may submit the OCI Miscellaneous services application form online with new passport details and upload the photograph, signature and self-attested photocopies of all the relevant supporting documents, (in case of minors who cannot sign, left hand thumb impression) along with the application. For minors, the Parent must self-attest the documents, otherwise application will not be accepted. Applicant should fill all fields in the application form including Mobile number.

All applicants must select the following services together:-

(a) Change of passport particulars  and   (b) Change of personal particulars.
In case of change of address, please select (c) Change of Address/Occupation
Please upload the following documents (self-attested)
a)  Swiss/Foreign Passport under Current Passport.
b)  OCI Card (front and back page details) under Indian Visa.
c)  In case of change of Surname after marriage, please upload all pages of Marriage  certificate.
If there is a change in name, you are requested to provide notarized affidavit as well as reasons for change in name to process the application.
2.  Please send all self-attested enclosures along with the Application form duly signed Parts A and B, to the Embassy for processing of application.
a)  A copy of Swiss / Foreign  Passport.
b)  A copy of OCI card (front and back page details)
c)  A copy of Swiss Residence Permit except Swiss nationals.
d)  One recent good quality photograph (50x50mm with 80% coverage of face, front view).   https://ociservices.gov.in › Photo-Spec-FINAL
e)  In case of change of address, should enclose the Residential proof  (Wohnsitzbestätigung).
f)  In case of change of nationality, should enclose a copy of Naturalization certificate.
g)  Receipts of payment of Service Fee and Consular surcharge.
If there is any deficiency in the application / uploaded documents / photograph, the   Embassy shall inform the same to the applicant.

OCI card is issued normally in 4 to 6 weeks time.
Fees Structure for Miscellaneous OCI Services:

Applicants are requested to verify the OCI Miscellaneous Fee, Consular Surcharge and bank account details before making bank transfer or payment.  Embassy shall not be    responsible for any erroneous deposit or payment to its account.

a) In respect of issuance of new passport, the OCI Misc. service, a fee of CHF 35.- is to paid in Embassy’s UBS bank account number 235-939899.01P (IBAN: CH82 0023 5235 9398 9901 P).
b) Consular surcharge of CHF 3.-(all applicants) is to be paid in Embassy’s UBS bank  account number  235-939899.02K (IBAN: CH39 0023 5235 9398 9902 K).
All payments should be made only through the bank and the original payment receipts containing the Embassy’s account number should be submitted with the application.
Payment made at cash desk of the Post office will not be accepted.

3. The applicant should check the status of the application online by quoting his/her passport number along with online Registration Number after 4 weeks of submitting the application to the Embassy. No separate intimation will be sent to the applicant about the status of their application.  https://ociservices.gov.in/statusEnqury

When status shows “Documents received at Berne” with date, please send the following documents to the Embassy by post.
a)  Print out of on-line status report.
b)  New & Old Swiss/Foreign Passports in original for verification.
c)  OCI Card Booklet in original for cancellation.
d)  A self-addressed & stamped registered envelope to return the documents (CHF 6.30).
Note :
Vide Circular No.26011/06/2015-OCI dated 29th January, 2015 of Ministry of Home Affairs, all immigration authorities in India will not insist on production of the foreign passport containing the ‘U’ Visa sticker in the case of OCI cardholders while they enter/ exit India and the immigration clearance will be granted based on production of the ‘OCI Card ONLY’
i)  In case of change of personal particulars, viz. name, nationality, etc. / filling of wrong personal particulars while submitting online application.
In this case OCI holders may seek re-issuance of OCI documents by availing the services.
Documentary evidence for the change of personal particulars is to be enclosed.
ii) In case of change of photograph without the change of the passport, personal interview shall be taken by the Competent Authority before the grant of the service.

iii) In case of filling of wrong personal particulars while submitting online application viz. name, father’s name, date of birth, etc.

In case of above OCI holders may seek re-issuance of OCI documents. Documentary evidence for the correct personal particulars should be enclosed.

iv)  In case of loss / damage of OCI registration certificate / visa.
In case of loss of OCI documents, a copy of the complaint filed with the Police authorities shall be enclosed. Personal interview of the applicant shall be taken by the Competent Authority before the grant of the service.

In respect of services mentioned above at Sl. Nos. I. II & III, the applicant is required to pay a fee of CHF 35.-. 

In respect of services mentioned above at Sl. No. IV, a fee of CHF 135.- is to be paid.
v) In case of change of address/occupation, new OCI card will not be issued. The applicant may take a print out of the new address/occupation after on-line submission and keep for record purposes.