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  1. Thematic India library collection :‘Entertaining- From an ethnic Indian kitchen’
  2. Ambassador presented books to International School of Berne on May 21st 2019
  3. Thematic India library collection: Raja Ravi Varma - The Painter Prince’
  4. Thematic India library collection: 2500 Years of Buddhism
  5. Ambassador presented books to University of Laussane on May 7th 2019
  6. Thematic library theme: Gurudev Tagore
  7. Thematic India library collection :Rabindranath Tagore – Gedenkband
  8. Thematic India library collection :Rabindranath Tagore- India’s gentle torch bearer’
  9. Thematic India library collection : ‘ Musical Heritage of India’
  10. Thematic India library collection: Kautilya - The Arthashastra’.
  11. Thematic India library collection: ‘Garden plants- Flowers and trees in India’
  12. Thematic India library collection : “Treasury of Panchatantra stories”
  13. Thematic India library collection : ’The concept of Sunya’.
  14. Thematic India library collection : “The wisdom of India- A collection of condensed translations of Hindu perspective”
  15. Thematic India library collection : 'Third class in Indian railways'
  16. Thematic India library collection: ’Romain Rolland and Gandhi correspondence’.
  17. Thematic library collection ‘A work of beauty- The architecture & landscape of Rashtrapati Bhavan’
  18. Thematic library collection:The Gita according to Gandhi’.
  19. Thematic library collection: ‘Indian miniature painting- Manifestation of a creative mind’.
  20. Thematic library collection: ‘Babasaheb Ambedkar - He dared to fight’.
  21. Thematic library collection:Great Indian classics
  22. Thematic library collection:Colors
  23. Thematic library collection : “The story of my experiments with truth- An autobiography’ by Mahatma Gandhi
  24. Thematic library theme : Bringing India's epics to life in Switzerland
  25. Thematic library theme : Diversity of India - Indian Languages
  26. Thematic library theme : Nightingale of India
  27. Thematic library theme : Role of Women in India's journey in Science
  28. Thematic library theme : Remembering Netaji