About Us Embassy Library

The Embassy houses a library which has about 5000 English books. The collection includes a good number of books on topics ranging from Indian History, Arts, dances, music, culture, philosophy and religion to political system, international relations and Indian agriculture. A good collection of Indian short stories is also available. There is a small collection of books on Indian philosophy and religion in German language. Books in Hindi language, which are mostly novels and short stories are also available.

The Embassy also possesses some Indian feature films in VHS/VCD format. A good collection of music CDs are also available.

Working Hours of the Embassy Library
Those interested to borrow books/CDs/cassettes from the library can do so on any working day Monday through Friday during working hours from 9:30 hrs to 12:30 hrs and from 14:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs. A photocopy of the borrower's identity card is to be given at the time of borrowing books.